4RG is dedicated to recognizing Republican governors who use their office to focus on peeling back unnecessary regulation and taxation at the state level, while also pushing back against the encroaching federal government who seeks to overrun their state with unconstitutional edicts.

At the same time we endeavor to make life at the local level better, our Republican governors are doing battle with an ever-encroaching federal government that is seemingly dead set on eroding local and state rights, authority and autonomy.

All across America people are becoming political. Politics is no longer for the “political class,” it is for the American class.

The current revival of patriotism, constitutionalism and focus on just how large and wreckless our government has become, is absolutely justified. People throughout this country want their governors to stand up to the federal government with a sense of state independence.

“Directing politics” is nothing more than facilitating voices to move the hard numbers that win elections. Elections are won at the thresholds and that’s what we influence.

It is a privilege to be at the thresholds that win elections and as more people join us we will elect more Republican governors to stand up to the federal government.

Our governors are the first line of defense against our sprawling federal government encroaching on our lives here at home.

4RG will continue upon the momentum established by the Goldwater/Reagan Conservative Movement that have recently blossomed into the TEA Party movement.  We are dedicated to informing the public about governors who uphold the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

4RG will educate the public about the challenges these governors face, the governors who fail to meet these principles, and the victories in the name of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

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